Language Lessons from €10

Péter Gleason
€15 per 25 minutes
Native-speaker/mother-tongue English lessons
€10 per 25 minutes
    Slavic-language and English lessons with handpicked European linguists working under Peter Gleason's direction
  • Russian lessons
  • Ukrainian lessons
  • Belarusian lessons
  • Polish lessons
  • Czech lessons
  • Slovak lessons
  • English lessons
  • (Carpatho-)Rusyn lessons
  • Lemko lessons

Welcome! My team and I are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in foreign languages. I believe in an individual approach and consider each client's needs and application separately. Work with me and we'll craft lessons suited to your needs and learning style. Use the form below to sign up and tell me about your needs. You are welcome to complete as few or as many questions as you like. We look forward to working with you! :)