Use Title Case

If you are a foreign writer and want to give your writing a "US feel", consider using title case.

What is Title Case?

Title case is a case (i.e. capitalization style) that is used in titles (i.e. headings).

Where is Title Case Used?

In titles. Titles are the names of books, works of art, chapters in a book, and headings in articles. For example, the above subheading "What is Title Case?" uses title case because it is a heading of this post. Notice how all of the titles and headings of this website use title case.

Who Uses Title Case

US writers often use title case, UK writers seldom use it, and foreign writers almost never use it. As a US writer, I use title case.

How to Use Title Case

To Illustrate How to Use Title Case, This Paragraph is Written Using It. Notice that We Capitalize All Nouns (Including Pronouns), Adjectives, and Verbs (Except for So-Called "Helping Verbs" Like "is" and "has"). Meanwhile, Conjunctions and Prepositions are Not Capitalized.