How I Learned to Stop Spamming and Love the E-Mail Signature

Spam figure

A translation agency recently asked for a cost estimate. I happily obliged and shot them back an e-mail with a quote. And waited. And waited.

After an hour had gone by, I was a bit perplexed that they hadn't written back yet.

On a hunch, I decided to run a thoroughly unscientific experiment: I resent the quote, but this time deleted the email's closing signature, which had read:

Best regards | С уважением,

Peter Charles Gleason, Jr.
(Петро Оринич-Ґлісон)
*** to contact me ***
skype: pgleasonjr
mobile: +1 405 872 6758 (leave a voicemail)
snail mail: 1730 N Lynn St #A-70, Arlington VA 22209, USA
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Although my e-mail with the above signature was seemingly lost in cyberspace, my client immediately replied to the same e-mail sent without it. My initial reply had been marked as spam. Strike one.

A few days later, another client of mine was uncharacteristically late with a reply to my quote. He apologized, explaining that he had just found my e-mail in his spam (junk mail) folder. Strike two.

Determined not to strike out, I stopped appending my rather-long signature to future e-mails and opted for a much shorter one:

All the best | Всего доброго,

Péter Charles Gleason Jr
Петро Оринич-Ґлісон
skype pgleasonjr
email (primary) (backup)
tel +1 405 872 6758
post 1730 N Lynn St #A70, Arlington VA 22209, USA

Nobody's found my messages in their spam box since then. Coincidence?

How about you? Have you ever been deemed a spammer? What do you do about it?