Time to Net a Dollar a Day

Dollar symbol My avowed goal here is to net a dollar a day in ad revenue alone by the end of 2013. My motivations are economic ($1 a day is the same as $42k in the bank at current interest rates), social (a chance to network and interact with like-minded people), and creative:
Earning one dollar a day or $365 a year offers the same yield as having $41,954.02 in the bank in the US savings account with the highest annual interest rate of 0.87% [$365/0.0087=$41,954.02]). It should be much easier to get up to a dollar a day than to put aside $42k.
This is a chance to socialize and interact with other like-minded and congenial people, including translators, entrepreneurs, and writers. It's now easier than ever to link up online.
Creative outlet
It's good for people in the translation and publishing industry to give their writing skills a weekend workout, especially after working on other people's texts all week. Don't want a case of the shoemaker's children having no shoes.

How I'm Going to Get Up to $1 a Day

  1. Post once per week, using Sunday to write each broadcast. Sunday usually offers a long enough break from translating to allow me to step back and reflect a bit.
  2. Put up ten incoming links per day - this goal may be too ambitious and require modification. The idea is to share quality comments with blogs in my field, and have the signature link back to this website.
  3. Make friends and influence people on social networks and industry forums. Let's all enrich each other's blogs with meaningful comments.

How you can help

Add meaningful comments to my blog posts and link to them from your Facebook, Google+, and forum profiles, and invite me to do the same. Add me to your list of blogs (like my "blog roll" to the right), and invite me to do the same. Give me advice. You can share your advice with all my readers by commenting on this post.