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Hello, my name is Pete and I am a professional linguist. I translate into my native language of English from Polish and Russian. I have a bachelor's degree in the Language and Culture of Russia from Jagiellonian University in Poland. I have also studied at Georgetown University in Washington DC. I have a TEFL certificate in Teaching my native language of English as a Foreign Language. I have completed hundreds and hundreds of successful translation projects for satisfied and serious translation agencies all over the world.

SPECIAL: 5 pages proofreading for $22!

Since you are the expert in your field, the accuracy of the terminology you choose is obviously your responsibility - grammar will be mine.

This is also a great and cost-effective way to perfect your English writing skills and continue your deep study of the language.

You can afford it - I am so focused and efficient when I work that I ask only $0.02 USD per word or $5 USD per page of 1200 characters with spaces or 250 words.

Add me on Skype - I'm pgleasonjr there. Connect with me on LinkedIn and friend me on Facebook so that we can be in instant connect when you need it.

Of course, you are welcome to e-mail me your documents now. My personal email address is pgleasonjr at gmail dot com.

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To your success!

SPECIAL: 5 pages proofreading for $22!