Roadmap to Value: Glossary Applicator for Google Translate

Stage 1: Product Vision

Software that automatically inserts the desired translation of a given term for all word forms across a file 100% of the time. This aligns with my strategy of providing high quality translation by improving consistency and freeing up time to concentrate on the appropriateness of terminology. Unless we are in a deflation, daily earnings should increase along with productivity. The product will be used by freelance translators, and Trados and MemoQ operators in particular.

Stage 2: Product Roadmap

Unless a glossary application mechanism cannot be invented over the course of the summer, a working Trados plugin could be ready for delivery by Q4 2017. I will concentrate on the Russian-English market because of its formidable size as well as historical reasons (machine translation started during the Cold War as a defense project, with Russian-English being the highest priority pair).

Stage 3: Release Plan

  1. Russian-English terminology injector (possibly leveraging Python NLTK libraries)
  2. Hack or modify Google Translate API output to adhere to terminology glossary
  3. Package and ship as a Trados plugin in the Trados App Store