Now Completing Simple Programmer's Blogging Course

I'm going back through the Simple Programmer's blog course to see if I missed anything. It mainly tallied with the instructions in No Degree, No Problem, with the notable exception that the former requires getting a domain name and and Wordpress, while the latter opts for Blogspot. I've done both in my day, and after ten years, my Blogspot is still standing. I can't count how many Wordpress or own domain sites I've had.
Anyway, the Simple Programmer blogging course is good. Here's the link to sign up. You get a lesson every few days in your inbox, and for $5 or so you can download the PDF of the entire course right away.
Okay, on to find some posts to comment on.
Have you gone through the Simple Programmer blogging course or the course in No Degree, No Problem? How did it go?